Cerita aku,kamu & menjadi Kita :) ..

It started over coffe…
We strated out as friends..
It’s funny how from simple things, The best things begin
and then I finally found someone…

For Dae and Apris love is….

When their YM sign shows ‘Busy’ but they still chatting
When their play each other dregs of coffee when the coffee runs out
When their call themselves the god of the sun & the goddess of rain
When their Online until late of time to talk about everything
When he’s waiting patiently when she took a long bad mood
When he pushed her to make ‘sambal tumpang’ for him
When he’s busy playing HP games and she’s yawning
When she promised she will cook soon after they got married
When she called him to remind prayers and he did too

When the most important thing for them is believing and honestly
That even though love evolves through time, they will still be part of it

Dae and Apris is ready to share happiness & joy at their story
And you’re surely invited!

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